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Music hey what#39’s up everybody its Casey therockstar flipper how you're doing today is Wednesday it is November the 23rd 2016is the day before Thanksgiving tomorrows the big turkey Dayton't worry last night was no video Houdini#39’t miss anything today is double upload Wednesday we#39’re going to do salvation Army half off day IN#39’m going towhead over to in just a few minutes Putin the meantime going to make a video that lot of you have been asking me for and did a video a couple of months ago on how to make a full time living on eBay and Amazon being an online seller $50,000was a number we used it was profit twas net profit fifty thousand dollars year which I know a lot of you can#39;live on, but I know that that's kind of the number where if you're hitting fifty thousand a year in profit that people can start you know considering thisfull-time income if you#39’re just making couple thousand a month two or three grand a month you're doing twenty five thirty thousand dollars a year it#39’s living, but it's not really a full-timeincome I kind of think that forty fifty thousand is that number where you can start taking it seriously, and you won#39;need a full-time job but what more people are interested in is how to Marat monthly and how to make it bigger a lot of people want to do six digits they want to do a hundred thousand dollars year or at least eight or nine thousand dollars a month ten thousand dollars month to get their selves up to that point, so I'm going to break it down and IN#39;gonna do this in a two video series IN#39;gonna do this video on how to make ten thousand dollars a month and that's number that a lot of people want to seat it#39’s realistic because I know there'SA lot of people on here that are doing couple thousand dollars a month or a LOOF people that are hitting that four to five thousand dollars a month, and they want to grow to be able to hit ten thousand dollars a month and again we#39;retaking about profit we're not talking about gross sales ten thousand dollar sin gross sales is pretty easy if we#39;retaking about gross sales but if we'retaking about profit it's a lot a lot harder um so we#39’re going to discuss that in the second video that IN#39’m going to DOI don't know if IN#39’m going to do it tomorrow it's Thanksgiving it might be Friday, but we're going to talk about how to make you know around between that one and two thousand dollar a week mark so IN#39’m gonna break it down into monthly and then IN#39;gonna break it down into weekly andthat'’ll be two separate videos so for today's video and IN#39’m gonna break out my fancy erase board because you guys love this dry erase board but we#39’re gonna breakdown how to do my pen is just dying Got to get a new pen ten thousand dollars per month and this is going to be eBay or Amazon now the fees are obviously different on the two platforms, so we'll kind of look at both sides fit, but you'll get the general idea whether you#39’re an eBay seller an Amazon...
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